Welcome to my latest endeavor of organizing and sharing my creativity. Wish me luck.
     Please use the links on the left to navigate to the area you have interest in. Check the News & Updates link on the top left for the latest information on what I’m working on.

About this Site

     My current creative focus is Dragon Age — a role-playing video game by Bioware. The bulk of this blog will be taken up with stories of my characters — fan-fic, if you like. Because Bioware also released the Toolset for game content creation, and because it has a powerful cutscene editor, I now also make machinima with it.

     I also like to teach people what I’ve learned, so there is a non-fiction section for my Dragon Age tutorials.

About the Links

     I have a great many writings published on the Whispering Winds forum (owned by a good friend of mine). They are mostly about my Neverwinter Nights characters, free-form roleplaying characters, and one about a Guild Wars character (who got more play time in story form than in the actual game).

     My channel on YouTube is somewhat eclectic. It is a repository for some of my Second Life product tutorials, my first Machinima and Music Video (also done in second life), various FRAPS captures of me riding my horse around like a nut in Assassin’s Creed…. and finally, my Dragon Age machinima.

     I also have a huge backlog of visual art. I had to shut down my gallery at (excellent web hosts, though, check them out!) My Renderosity Gallery has my late-early work. My DeviantArt gallery has some of my older stuff, and… yes, I have begun making new images again! Check it out!


     My inspiration for being here — Whuffie and her Dragon Age blog. She also has videos on YouTube, check out her channel! And… a tonne more tutorials than I do.

     Errant Knight’s excellent fan-fiction with beautiful illustrations. This is an original post-Origins story featuring Alistair and his struggle to find meaning in his life after a series of betrayals.


About Comments

      I opened comments on the fiction title pages, for general comments. For specific comments on each part, you can use the comments for those. (And these actually work, now.)
     Wordpress put out a nice article on comment etiquette. Well, forget that; here are my “roolz.”

1: I live for comments. I *work* for comments.
     I used to think this was a bad thing, like being a Fame Vampire in Bruno the Bandit. But then Barbara Sher set me straight. If fame and adoration are my strongest motivators, I should use that to… well, motivate me! I don’t care it it is a “Hey, cool!” or “Yay!” or such. Of course, meatier comments are better, but a little appreciation is also appreciated.
     If you don’t like something, you should probably move on. If you do like it, but see typos or horrid sentence construction, or I creativly spell Ser Cauthain/Cuthrien/Cuthbert/Cahuna’s name or the like, go ahead and point that out. Or if you have constructive comments on how I might improve, let me know. (I don’t plan to re-write anything, however.)

2: You can post relevant links to your blog.
     Go ahead and link to your blog if you think the audience might like the content. Pertinent content! I mean in particular Dragon Age fan-fic, fantasy writing (sci-fi is good, too), cutscenes/machinima, Dragon Age toolset tutorials… that sort of thing.

3: Please don’t post any Spoilers.
     I like to imagine that people get really into my work and eagerly anticipate the story unfolding. (Hey, whatever motivates me, remember?) For those who might actually do so, try not to post comments like “Oh wow, I love you you killed off your character in that totally twist surprise ending!” If you want to make specific comments like that, please stick to posting the comment on the pertinent segment of writing. Thanks :)



“Bloodsong Points”

      On some posts, you may find a β notation. You can earn a specified amount of “Bloodsong Points” if you recognize the origins of the noted text. Why? Because I often cite weird and crazy references that probably go over most people’s heads. It’s just a funny game, and you don’t win anything by accumulating these points. Except bragging rights. If you score over fifty thousand, maybe we should be best friends or something. ;D


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