i was supposed to keep track of how many hours of work i put in for my cutscene projects.  um… oops.  i’m currently working on a zevran and rinna vignette for TW.  (ain’t she lucky?  no, i will NOT do stuff for you!  i’m not for hire!)  i decided i wanted another break from working on the headgames video.  the last break was the mixed-up fairy tales shrek vid.  that took two weeks.

not counting the fiddling around in the morph editor to make rinna… so far i’ve spent one afternoon, saturday morning, and sunday morning.  that was scene 1.  scene 2 only took me 2 hours, but it was much shorter.  scene 3 is even shorter than that, and i think i’ll just plug rinna into a scene i’ve already done on headgames.  well hey, so that should take all of 15 minutes!

scenes 4 and 5 will be a lot longer.


TIP: when you turn on gore in the cutscene, you can plug in a number of how ‘gory’ or thick it is.  i was wondering how to do a blood spray like anora gets on her when alistair whacks loghain… i think this might just be it!


TIP: i did a firelight silhouette scene (#2), using a negative light on the dark side, and a regular light on the fire side.  i was going to just let the area lighting take care of the flickering fire, but oh no, that just wasn’t good enough.  and no, there ISNT any shortcut to randomly flickering a light in the cutscene editor.  (or if there is, i sure dont know about it!)
one quick way to go about it is to set two keyframes for the light intensity, 0 and 1.  then use the squiggle editor to pop in keyframes between them, and then just yank those up and down intermittently.  copy the set of keyframes (NOT in the squiggle editor, in the regular timeline), paste them in, grab a bunch, change the timing (drag the edge of the group selection)…. grab bits and pieces, paste them in here and there, make a long string, and copy and paste all that….  actually, it didn’t take all that long, though it was a pain.


just for my fan (“all ONE of them…!”), here is a preview video. scene 2 isn’t in it, sorry.