Cutscene Work

9:30am – 1pm 3 1/2 hours

i have the rinna vignette scene 4 just about done, except one facefx bit. and i dont feel like doing it right now, so i’m done for the day! i’m pretty happy with how it turned out (so far). the script called for zevran to slam his hands on the bar, and i think i’ve managed to do this pretty well. i might tweak the timing a bit more in vegas.
everything went rather smoothly, actually. no horrible hangups or major hair-tearing problems. (no yelling at zevran, “smile, or i’ll kick your #*$&%!” like in one scene… ::cough::)

TIP: running a facial animation may prevent the lipsynch on a speakline from working. at least, that’s what happened to me. then again, maybe the lipsynch facefxes didn’t load right… but, changing the angry face to 0 strength fixed it right up. so i’m betting the former.

no secret preview. man, doesn’t that suck?