Working on Valorien

i was going to say, i haven’t been working on valorien’s post… which i think was due last
weekend… (TW and i are trying for one fiction post every 2 weeks. so far, i think she’s ahead.
:X )
but! i wrote the bulk of the post out this morning. unfortunately, i wrote it longhand, so
eventually, i’ll have to type it in. or, more likely, write it in with rite pen. both my elbows
have been hurting very badly for the past few weeks. i haven’t been typing a lot, or playing much
at all. i haven’t even been shovelling snow, although they still may be recovering from some of that.
i got some glucosamine tablets with MSM. they don’t seem to do squat. here i thought MSM was
supposed to be some sort of magic bullet for joint pain. nope! ain’t happening.

in a couple of hours i’ll be able to go finish off the facefx for Z&R scene 4, then start in
making scene 5. if you’re lucky, there’ll be another preview clip….!


sometimes, i just gotta yell: “I am JUST that ($*%&ing GOOD!” ….luckily, no one is around
to hear me. :X
i loaded up facefx studio, threw out a couple sliders i needed, did about five keyframes of expression
at the frame numbers listed in my notes, hit preview and… yeah, that was good. ….of course, then i
spent the next 45 minutes fussing with it to make it *perfect*.
and i ain’t gonna show it to ya. you’ll have to wait for the finished video. but, here’s a clip
of the middle part of scene 4
. remember, there’s no sound. also, these are just temporary videos.
i’ll delete them soon.