Cutscene Work

i took the day off. most of it. and the toolset was gimping along real slow, and very laggy. so i quit early. nevertheless, i posted a quick preview-cap daily. it’s choppy because it’s captured with hypercam out of the toolset. and it otherwise sucks because… hey, i’m still working on it. it’s actually not that bad, except i haven’t figured out yet how to get taliesen to move where i want him to go, when i want him to go, how i want him to go, and where and when i want him to end up there. gah.

the scene after that bit is quite simple of course. hmm, it occurs to me i should use a more dramatic camera angle there. that way, it wont look like a cookie cutter scene from the game. plus, of course, it will be more dramatic! the shove part needs a better angle or something, too. the whole thing needs a lot of work! i don’t want you to be thinking this is all EASY!

Z&R daily 05 01

tomorrow, i have a lot of games to play (jousting, giant snail racing, golf), so i will probably rest my left arm by using my tablet and handwriting program to input the next part of valorien’s story.