Cutscene Work

okay, the scene 5 is shaping up much better. it helps tremendously to be able to hot-scrub on the track. this scene was always seizing up on me in the editor. it would scrub to about frame 170 or so, then urrrk, it would take 30 seconds or more to respond to any clicks. and i only have 3 cameras, 3 actors, and 2 lights in the scene; that is really small. i thought it might be the gad i was using in some walk animations, but taking those out didn’t help. however, i DID find the culprit!

i was noticing that one of my speaklines didn’t seem to have the lips moving. it wasn’t that important, so i basically ignored it. but checking back in the conversation editor, that line didn’t seem to have facefx lipsynch implemented. why, i don’t know, because i did the post vo and post facefx for the whole conversation — which should have generated the lipsynch. however, i never previewed that line in the conversation editor. i did preview and tinker with the other ones, so they were apparently fine. weird.

so no dailies today, but a tip that might prove useful someday…..


TIP: if your editor starts seizing up on you (and it’s not because you have a couple dozen actors in it), check your speaklines. make sure it has a facefx file, and/or go to the conversation it came from and preview it.