Cutscene Work

scene 5 of the rinna vignette is bogged down in a sequence where two characters interact in a way that isn’t choreographed in the animation library. so, that means i have to cobble it together from a bunch of other unrelated animations. this is going to take a while, be a pain, and… yeah, i sense this sequence is going to be a lot of closeups and camera cuts.

Tip: when you play two animations at once, each is played at about half strength. so if you play a standing animation and a crouching animation, the character will do a half-crouch.

Tip: you can fine-tune (in a sort of sledge-hammer, ham-fisted way :X ) the positions of the arms in animations if you add an arm pose. these can be found by looking under *r_arm*, *l_arm*, and *po_2* (both arms). they’re not described in Beerfish’s animations listing, because there’s really nothing to describe — just different arm positions. you just have to try them all and see what works.

Tip: combined with certain animations, the arm poses can fold the arm unnaturally, and even stuff it up inside the body. not very handy, unless you find you need to hide an arm or hand in a shot. for example, in “Howe Hires Zevran,” Zevran’s legs’ stunt double had his hand sticking up above the edge of the table. i also used one to fold Leliana’s arm out of the way in a shot in “Headgames,” where I didn’t want her to put her arm around Bannon.


remember, you can fine tune the strength of the arm poses using the Weight parameter, and/or the squiggle editor.
and now, here’s an outtake showing the hazards of using arm poses when attempting to cut someone’s throat…. and completely missing :X