Cutscene Work

okay, scene 5 of the Z&R vignette got done — at least the blocking out of all the action/animations and camera positions. that took about 4 hours saturday. luckily, the bits after the difficult part were all easy, and i even got to mutter about being ‘JUST that (*#&$%ing good.’ i didn’t yell it, cuz i was too tired and beat up by the nearly impossible scene. and that doesn’t mean it’s ready to shoot. i have to go back and fix the lighting for one thing. and then smooth out all the animation wrinkles that crop up here and there. and no doubt i’ll probably drive myself nuts trying to fix the really horrendous part.

or, perhaps a LOT of camera shaking will take care of what a mess THAT is.

um, i was going to put a Tip in here, but now i’ve forgotten what it was.