Cutscene Work


now that the zevran & rinna vignette is in the can, i can go back to working on headgames. this is my first music video with full custom cutscene machinima work. it’s… taking forever.

today i finished animating, shooting, and editing scene j. scene j is a ‘tent scene,’ which is a term i coigned because, uh, well, i don’t do ‘sex scenes.’ ::cough:: anyway, the poses i wanted to use don’t exist. instead, i built them up using a bunch of head poses, body poses, and arm poses. some judicious camera angles, figure rotations and positionings. oh, and don’t forget some canned facial animations. it took 2 hours.

it’s actually a little impressive… it doesn’t look like i pictured, but there’s a good shot of some full lip contact snogging. (that’s, you know, kissing.) that isn’t easy, you know. well… if you’ve ever tried to do it, you would, anyhow. :X then again, doing any type of 2-person interaction in the full game, trying to adjust for the different body types and sizes is probably a lot more of a nightmare.


anyhow, for anybody tuning in, here’s an outtake from today’s shoot. it’s just a still. my cutscene editor has been doing things like this lately… i don’t know why. fortunately, it’s only a temporary visual glitch.

I'm not even going to ask what the boys call THIS maneuver!