Cutscene Work

okay, scene ii for headgames is cut, printed, wrapped, in the can, and edited. wait, does in the can mean after editing? anyway, it’s in the vegas project. and in under an hour. maybe i’m getting good at this! or… maybe because it was a short scene with one animation per each actor. and an eyeblink. how tough is that? :X

TIP: you can re-time your entire cutscene. let’s say for example, you put together a really moving “tent scene” with swooping camera angles and precicely positioned actors that you nudged into place twenty times to keep the clipping to a minimum. but then you decide it would look more romantic if it were in slow motion.
     here’s how you do that, it is VERY easy:

  1. Zoom your timeline out so you can see all the animations and camera/actor keyframes, plus some buffer space where you want to stretch it out to.
  2. Marquee-select ALL the keyframes and animations.  (Mini-Tip: Break all the animations off at the end of the sequence and delete any pieces that are hanging over the end.)  All the tracks need to be open for this.  Ctrl-click any that you can’t grab in one swoop.
  3. Now hold the cursor over the edge of the selection, it will turn into a double arrow.  Click and drag the edge of the selection to squash and stretch it — just like grabbing the end handle of an animation.  Dragging right will slow everything down, etc.  And all the adjustment keyframes and camera moves will proportionally move along with the action.

Cool, huh? ;)


i also re-shot scene J, because i had forgot to give bannon’s stand-in npc the player remapping tag. normally, it doesn’t matter, but the npc has some horrid lip clipping that the pc doesn’t have. i’ll have to go back into his morph and fix the teeth/inner mouth to get rid of that.

now all that is left do do now is then end confrontation(s) (scene R), 2 sequences of zevran and leliana (scene Q), a couple sequences of bannon and morrigan (scene P), and scene G. G is a little problematic, because the scene i was making for G got re-structured as part of the second chorus. and now i’m not sure what visuals i should put in there. :/

oh well, i’m just hoping scene R isn’t going to take 3 weeks. am i going to do some more shots now, since that only took an hour…? uh…. what? and miss a day off? (yah, it’ll take 3 weeks :X )