Valorien Part 2, No Cutscene Work


part two of valorien’s story is now up. click his name on the left there to go to his page and table of contents. (yes, i’m too lazy right now to get the url and make a clickable link here.)

the first two parts originally had tv-script-style dialogue lines, now they are expanded. the rest of the parts are fully written out, so they should be easy to port over. except i have to spell leliana’s name right in them.

hey, i am REALLY bad at names! my notepad on the whispering wind forums is full of dragon age character names that i have a hard time remembering. did i mention this before? oh well, nobody’s reading these… i think i can get away with it.


i haven’t done any more work on any cutscenes. i wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so i didn’t do anything. except i did go on a writing kick, and i started typing up part of bannon & zevran’s story. this particular part is about 3 years into their story, so you guys probably won’t see it… for about that long :X


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