Cutscene Work


saturday i wasted all day playing the darkspore beta. sunday i finished scenes P and Q for headgames. these were fairly simple and short. just two characters each, talking/interacting un-complicatedly. only about 5 tracks to get leliana to act. :X i wish it wouldn’t take so long, though. i want to get done faster. i want to do MORE!

this project is going on far too long. plus, i’m getting disenchanted with it. these two scenes… i really DID throw them together. there’s a bunch of fussy little twitchy things in them i don’t like. but for a max of 3 seconds or so screen time? i have to learn to be less fussy. i’ll get done faster. but then… those tiny little faults will haunt me for all time. GAH!

no dailies or other goodies. two scenes left to go for it. the daydream scene and the end confrontation. oh yeah, i see three more months of this in my future :/ i might take a break and do something easier.