Cutscene Work


didn’t get a whole lot done this week/weekend. i did a test with the scene for headgames scene R, to get the actors into position, and check on my moon. (can’t see the blasted moon in the cutscene editor.) only to discover… i have indeed lost my moon. unless i meant to have the moon behind the trees, which i don’t remember.

even using the other camp night scene, the moon was in the same place. i re-did the lvl file, now i have to find the moon again, and see if it is where i think i want it. then do the scene test and find out it isn’t, i guess.

this gonna take longer than 3 weeks to finish. :/


since i was so fed up with headgames in general, i decided to try starting something else to take a break. i’ve been wanting to do a mixed-up fairytale with hitch, so i grabbed some audio for that. here’s a hint: sony’s vocal eraser plug-in (for soundforge) only works with stereo recorded from a stereo source. it will work with a stereo recording from a mono source… but not very well. it can suppress some background noise, and a little massaging of the leftover vocals helps. but it won’t remove background music as well as, say, howe’s scene in the shrek MUFT.

after getting frustrated with audio for that, i whapped myself in the head and thought, “why don’t you do something higher on the list, like the ‘Get A Room’ short?” and so sunday, i started in on that.

clever me, i thought that if i got all the npcs to play idle animations in the area, i wouldn’t have to animate them all by hand in the flippin cutscene. well, ha-ha, getting npcs in an area to do what you want isn’t all that easy.

some have their ambient animations all set, like the beggar. he sits in his spot and starts begging. some npcs have some idle chatter animations going. most are just standing around like doofuses. now, if you want guards patrolling and children running, you have to start messing with waypoints. waypoints are pretty easy, actually. you name the suckers “ap_” + [tag of your creature] + _##. like ap_runkidz_01.

i finally got the guards to patrol, but the kidz will not run. they stroll. uh, well actually, ONE strolls, the other keeps standing around. anyway, according to the variable control plug in table thing, if you put 1 as the ambient pattern, they walk waypoints. add 100 to make them run. i put in 101, they still walk. ::sigh::


i’ve been working on some writing, but not the writing i’m supposed to be working on. valorien’s story is up to the part where they take the army from redcliffe to denerim.

what i’ve been doing, however, are some scenes from bannon & zevran’s story. let’s see, a sequence with bannon that takes place in… book 4 (wait, i think it’s 5 now), i think. and one with zevran that takes place in book 2.

on top of that, i’ve been toying with the idea of taking the boys into an rp, which is a different story than theirs. (though still dragon age.) my brain has been messing with bannon as an npc companion. i really need to smack it for that. that is NOT happening! as complicated as i would make it?? gawd.

but, some good may come out of that. i might actually work on some stuff concerning bannon and the grey warden recruits. since, at this point, there’s nothing about his origin and the whole first half of the game/story. (except the alternate universe stuff with valorien.) when i play through it again (which i want to do with bannon, when i do start the actual writing of bannon & zevran), i’m hoping that will focus my brain on the story at hand. still, most of the early parts of dragon age will be synopsis. and honestly, it pretty much follows the game story; how many times do you have to go over that?