Writing Work


there’s another part of Valorien’s story posted here. which is probably obviously apparent. ::shrug:: but this is supposed to be the updates thread. i’ve also been working on the next part of valorien’s story that hasn’t been written yet. which is down the road. luckily, it is *not* for here, or else i’d have to stop everything and do a music video. (which, as you know, has not been going very quickly…!!!)

in other, semi-related news, it looks like i’ll be doing some dragon age rp with a couple of folks soon. which… means more writing that isn’t the writing i’m *supposed* to be doing… !?!? but, you have to admit… it WILL be fun! it might actually help me flesh out bannon & zevran’s story, too. yes, despite the volume of stuff in it, it still has thin parts. go figure.