Cutscene Work


The End is Nigh.

sunday morning i had a burst of inspiration (or something), and in about 3 hours i put in the ‘missing scene g, which got changed to an alternate chorus scene elsewhere.’ i’m mostly happy with it, except i’m thinking maybe zevran should have really had his back turned. oh well, i’ll leave it. if i’m a movie producer and my budget is ‘finish this weekend,’ then it prolly aint gonna get changed.

i was annoyed with two zevran and leliana sequences; i didn’t put firelight on them, and they look washed out. i thought i would shoot them again with a warmer light, but then i slapped myself in the forehad and said, “duh, just use a vegas filter on the clips.” so i did. not sure it did exactly what i meant it to do… but at least it is better.


tuesday i spent about 5-6 hours on the headgames video. tackling scene R. i found my moon back where i thought it was. is that really where i want it? it better be. it can be minorly tweaked. again, look at my time budget.

anyway, i got the first half of scene R done, shot, and edited in. i’m fairly happy with it; it looks pretty much how i imagined it. i didn’t do the complicated gesture scene yet. i thought i’d tackle that first, but i decided to just do the sequences in order. in fact, i went into vegas and timed out each sequence, and calculated the frames i would need to use in the cutscene editor. not that i didn’t trim and stretch here and there.

part two of scene R will involve the above-mentioned difficult shot (more on that in a future post somewhere), and some facefx will no doubt be needed.


other than that, the entire video is done. scene R is the last 4 minutes. once i shoot, cut, print, and edit… it will suddenly be FINISHED. it’s kinda surprising how that sneaks up on me. now in the ‘old days’ of WMM and putting game footage to music, i had to shoot a looooooot of video, then go through and pick out bits and pieces. and then string them along in line, because WMM doesn’t allow you to leave gaps. but with my storyboarding method (and vegas), i can shoot any scene and drop it in where it goes and then work around it.

if all goes well… perhaps i’ll be able to post something this weekend! wohoo!

i guess my estimate of at least 3 more weeks was… oh wait… did i say that about 3 weeks ago…? :X