Cutscene Work


or lack thereof… :X

is it done yet? well…. no. i had a seriously horrid week, then i was depressed, then i was sick. i spent all weekend doing NOTHING. although i did watch a marathon session of an anime series called Black Butler. i really enjoyed it a lot. it’s about a nobleman’s kid in victorian england whose parents have been murdered. he makes a deal with a demon to get revenge, and the demon takes the form of his butler to help him attain his goals.

i have to warn you: though it is mostly gory, dark and brooding… it does have the occassional screamy/shrieky carrying on crying/whining characters. and i’m at a total loss to explain the guy who lacks energy to become real very often, so is always a chibi chauffeur. to say nothing of the dog.


and then i spent my free time working on that rp thing i’m doing with a couple of buddies. oh, and today i wasted an hour playing the darkspore beta. well, i need to get my favorite critters back! and find the parts to turn all my robots into bunnies! (oh, am i allowed to say that…? i still can’t post pics, though.)