Part Five of Valorien’s story is up, here. Over on Winds, the original post has had another piece added to it. It seems I am about five or six posts away from ending that one. Which means onward to the huge monster that is Bannon & Zevran.


I told TW that I’d finish the Headgames video this weekend, if she’d do her Zevran video. Her calendar might actually be clear for doing that…!

After that, I should hammer on ‘Get a Room,’ and ‘Pain.’ The latter *will* be a pain, as it is all custom scenes. Maybe I will also work on my 300 Wardens trailer, since that at least can use some pre-made cutscenes.

Heh, and I can’t forget the music video I ‘need’ to do for Valorien’s story. I wonder if the camp area would suffice for that, or if I need to make a new area. Ugh.


And, hey, I thought of an add-on for Dragon Age Origins I can do! Yes, a tailor shop in Denerim! I was looking at some of the romance mods; someone had some nice togetherness scenes with Alistair. And they had him wearing clothes. You know, to relax in? Not heavily armored? And I was thinking… you know… Alistair doesn’t *have* clothes. In fact, does anybody? If you’re a City Elf, you’re in luck, because you get everyday clothes and fancy wedding clothes!

But seriously, if you want to dress up in some snazzy outfits that are in the game… you just can’t. Until I make my new mod, and you can buy them in Denerim! Now, if I could also figure out how to port over the NWN item stat transfer scripts….