Cutscene Work


so i worked saturday and sunday mornings on the headgames video — things went well! mostly. i started doing scene R2 in a new cutscene, so i copied the last animations and keyframes from R1 into it. buuuuut…. bannon was using gad in one of his prior animations, so his positioning was off. come to think of it, zev’s position didn’t seem quite right, either. i nudged them into place, and then did this great move and camera circle-dolly just right.

and then i realized if i tried to splice this on the end of the R1 sequence, there was no way in heck it would match up properly. ::sigh:: so i copied the whole of the R2 sequence and pasted IT back into the end of R1. well. it was off again! due to the positioning with gad vs no gad. so i had to hammer it back into shape. and… i think it lost some quality during all that. :/

then i hammered out some more sequences on the end of R1. different camera positions, but i figured i had the guys there in the scene, i might as well leave them there and not have them jump around, possibly. whatever. then some closeups and two facefx files. you know how much i love working in face fx. blah!

i swear, zevran has some kinda facial muscle paralyzation or SOMEthing, because i slap a smile facefx on him, and his lips don’t move. cripes, i slap one on bannon and i have to run back to facefx and turn the sliders down, or else his lips start stretching out and migrating north or something. yes, all despite the fact i’m using the elf male preview face in face fx studio. AND… to top it all off, i bet it has even a third variation look when i play it in game.

but i AM happy because i finished the ‘very difficult shot’ sequence. AND, i’m even impressed with it. (this will degrade over the next week, though.) i didn’t want to ‘spoil’ it for anybody, but i’ll tell ya what it is… it’s a shot where bannon caresses zevran’s face with the back of one hand. along his tattoo, ya know? it’s very sweet. oh, and i didn’t use the facefx studio for it, either. i thought i’d have to, but i’ve got these built-in face and head animations down pretty well.

i just have the last 19 seconds of the song left to fill in. and i have an idea what i’m going to do! i’m excited to go to work on that. THIS WEEK, the sucker will be finished! and crud, i forgot to tally my hours of work on it again. uhm… 3 hours saturday and… 3 1/2 hour sunday.


in related news, TW is finishing up her zevran video! i can’t wait to see it!