Music Video: HeadGames


after putting together two game-footage music videos for bannon & zevran, and having tinkered with doing some short scenes in the toolset, i wanted to do a full custom music video for the pair. the first thing i needed, though, was a song that characterized them and their relationship. i started cruising the foreigner backlist, and several of their songs had the right flavor: “Urgent,” and “Tooth & Nail” got on the short list. i think “Headgames” was always on the top of the list, because although it’s quite easy to have sex with the guy, it’s like pulling teeth to get any sort of meaningful relationship out of him! of course, i love it. all my characters have issues, too.

i didn’t keep a proper log of the time spent on this machinima video. when i started my blog here in february, i see that i had already finished several scenes. so it did take me three months, although i took breaks in between to do the shrek mixed-up fairytale, and the zevran & rinna vignette.


Bannon & Zevran in HeadGames


Director’s Notes

the video starts out right off the bat with some “tent scene” action. i used the intro to do a shot of the moon and a pan down over the tents at night, to give the homophobes the idea that they should flee the theater right away.

but the story begins right there, and of course the morning after when bannon finds out zevran just picked him out and seduced him for his own amusement. (not that bannon can complain, what with his record with the ladies.) of course, bannon lies and says it doesn’t mean anything to him, either.

and so they go on, bannon trying to work out his feelings for zevran, and zevran… maybe he starts to have feelings too. but since they’re not really talking to each other honestly about it, well.

oh, then wynne has her two cents. bannon went to her for advice, lot of help *that* was. and of course, the animation that always makes me want to punch zevran in the face… him standing around camp, smugly looking at his nails. (or glove or whatever!) bannon has a good facefx studio shot (divided into two sequences). one thing lacking in that is bending the neck down. :/

then the video departs from the story canon — just for dramatic purposes, you know. bannon is steamed, so he decides get under the assassin’s skin by making time with the ladies. of course this works great, sparking an all-out argument so they can get it out of their system and make up.

i’m really happy with how the caress at the end turned out. i was worried about being able to pull off that shot. but hey, i didn’t even need facefx studio. thank the maker. animating bannon’s hand wasn’t that hard, either. mostly it is just a left-hand-pointing animation. i did add another l_arm animation to it, a sort of partial shrug, to get him to turn the hand over a bit. that, and i yanked him around and rotated him all over the place. the hardest part t all that, though, was making sure his head didn’t get in the camera view.


and poor alistair, all he gets in this video is a shot of the back of his shins. i’m really fond of that scene, though. it’s supposed to show the guys coming back to camp from a rough day of… um, actually i guess they were shopping, since zevran has a bag of stuff. oh no wait, i’m sure they were killing and looting. yeah, that’s it. anyway, they’re supposed to be tired and glad another day of battling darkspawn is over.


2 Responses to “Music Video: HeadGames”

  1. Hot elf Says:

    Found your videos on youtube, and they’re awesome! I’m a Zevran fangirl all the way, but I think I’ve just fallen in love with your Bannon too… Great job!

  2. bloodsong Says:

    heheheh, thanks :)

    don’t worry, wherever bannon is, zevran won’t be far behind!

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