Mod Work


remember the post where i mused about making a tailor shop for denerim? yeah, i’m working on that. in fact, i have a lovely little shop built, and some nice npcs ready to model clothing. i have an inkling how to incorporate it into dragon age via the prcsrc… or whatever initials it is. but first… i have to get the scripts working.

the conversation is done, and… uh, i think it’s using the stringIDs in my assigned range… so today i started on the scripts.

the first script i think i will have to scrap. i was going to have the merchant store load the npcs with the inventory. that way, to add any custom clothing you add to the game, you would just have to throw it into the merchant inventory and export that. but, although i can get a lovely list of all the objects in the merchant inventory… there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually hand them off to the npcs. gah.

doing the previous/next outfit swapping seems to be simple enough. (heh!) though i have read on the forums it might not be possible to swap equipment DURING a conversation. it might need to be done between conversation iterations… which i have planned for, but i’m trying the direct approach first.

alas, i couldn’t test it today, because the npcs’ conversations wouldnt start. i figure this has something to do with my script that replaces the creature_core. i DID tell it to run the creature_core after my script, but… the core script might not be able to find the conversation as i assigned it to the npcs. or something. but, i think i can fix that. i’ll just handle the conversation in my script. i might not even need creature_core. it’s not like these guys will be fighting or dying or anything involving AI.