Mod Work


i took a vacation or something from ‘doing stuff.’ i did muck around a little tiny bit more with the background npcs for the ‘get a room’ short. i really don’t want to have to animate them in the cutscene editor. i’m going to end up doing so, anyway. i should just do it.

today i worked on the tailor shop scripts. things are going fairly well. i got the book catalogue working, and the conversation starting. i got the npcs switching outfits and not interrupting the conversation (so’s you’d notice). tip: it works SOOOooooo much better when you put the condition check script in the conditional check script slot, not in the action script slot. :X

i couldn’t get them to use their own stages, but it’s not too hard to get them to use one stage and go back home afterwards. probably a tonne easier than getting the stages to appear on the correct spot on the fly.

the previous item script is acting wonky. it goes back to the previous item, then flips between that and the item you just viewed. i’m at a loss to explain that one; it’s the same script as the next item script, but with a — and a < 0 check to set it back to (max – 1). unless equipping an outfit changes the npc's inventory order, because i'm going through their inventory list. and reading the list each go-round. i don't think an object list/array can be stored anywhere.

maybe we'll just skip that part :X

i haven't even started the purchase from conversation script. it could be entirely possible that there is no way to get a value for an item from scripting. but i didn't really look. ah, what the heck, i'll make 'em all 3 coppers :X

should also add some store credit to the convo, since the default pc is broke.


after all this, then i'll have to figure out how to hook it into the main campaign. hopefully, it won't be all *that* hard.