Writing Work


I have re-adjusted my work/job schedule in an attempt to be more productive. To this end, I now have two days where “writing” is on my agenda in a particular time slot. So far, this has been working well!

I have finished a post on Whispering Winds for Valorien, and have started a new one. I wanted to get finished with the next part this week, but that didn’t happen. Valorien’s story is very close to its finish. Well, it’s first finish, minus a couple of alternate ending scenes.

Which means it is almost time to start posting for Bannon & Zevran. Thanks to a new RP I’m in, I happen to have some writing already started for that (at the beginning, I mean. I do have tons of scenes that happen all throughout the story, but nothing in chronological order.). That, plus my newly-scheduled writing sessions, ought to get things moving nicely. I’m excited to get this started, and I know Bannon is dying for some fan-mail. :X

Meanwhile, I need to port over more of Valorien’s posts!


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