I Made an Illustration


Well, you know, Errant Knight has those goregous illustrations on the Remnants Enduring story. And Whuffie even has screen shots for illustrations all over her stories. And here’s me, way behind the curve, just…. writing stuff.

So I thought I’d give Errant Knight’s method a try and make an illustration. So here’s Bannon Killing Vaughn.

Why’s it not in the story page? Ah, well… you see, I was typing in the story just the other day, and I recalled that in this scene, Vaughn has his shirt off! I was going to pass out, because after making an illustration in the toolset (it’s just print-screen on the cutscene preview), I normally don’t save the cutscene I used. So I was screaming about setting up the blasted blood FX all over again (which was really annoying in the first place).

But, I went into the toolset, just to look — and thank the Maker! I DID save this illustration cutcene! So, ha-ha, all I did was go in and take Vaughn’s shirt off. So, the correct illustration will appear in the story, illustrating it.

Anyway, this is also a test of how big the image is and/or should be. Or might be. This particular one is 650x.

Tip: To do a screen cap of the FX… First, press the Simulate Cutscene button to make the FX render in the preview. (It looks like a clock on a blue stick, peeking out from behind a yellow wall, with a red string tied behind it. What this is meant to represent is beyond me. :X ) Then, hit play. For the blood splash FX in particular, it usually splashes at the start of the playback. Once you pause the playback, the splash will freeze on the screen as you scrub it back and forth.
     So in this instance, I hit play, slammed pause when the blood spattered where I wanted it, and then scrubbed to the exact frame I wanted to shoot.


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