Cyrian Tabris had thought he’d finally found a way to settle down his wayward son, Bannon, even though he’d had to send all the way to Highever to find him a wife. Bannon had a good heart, Cyrian knew, but he’d lost his mother at a tender age and didn’t have the benefit of her loving temperment as he transformed from boy to young man. Instead, he’d been rife with anger. Cyrian had let him study at Alarith’s school, hoping that would serve as an outlet for his rage. Perhaps that had been a mistake, because Bannon trained there long after the other boys lost interest in fighting and turned their attention to girls.

Not that Bannon had any trouble in that arena. With his good looks and natural charm, the young ladies all flocked to him like bees to a bright flower. He could have his pick of any of them. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem interested in picking just one.

Cyrian wondered if perhaps he should have remarried. But deep down, he knew Bannon would only resent any woman who tried to supplant his mother. Besides, Cyrian’s heart wasn’t in it. Adaia had been his sunlight and gentle rain, until she had been killed. Cyrian also had his sister and her husband, until the Purge a few years ago had taken them as well.

And so Cyrian had become the sole parent for his niece and nephew, Shianni and Soris, as well as his own son. Shianni was a good girl. She’d left behind her awkeward tomboyish phase and blossomed into a lovely young woman. True to her red-headed heritage, she often lost control of her temper, but she was smart and vivacious and eager to find a prospective husband to care for her.

Bannon and Soris, however… well. Cyrian had worked with the hahren Valendrian to find them suitable brides, and had extended them a comfortable dowry to come and live in Denerim. Then Cyrian could look forward to expanding his dwindling family and indulge in the joys of grandparenthood.

But it had all gone horribly wrong….


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