A Boatload of Stuff


All right, there’s a slew of new stuff. I have just posted four more transfers of Valorien’s Story here to the blog. That’s over 20 parts, now. Whew! They’re not to the Landsmeet yet, but that is up next.

Bannon & Zevran have a shiny new page. And a logo. And more pages that branch off that page. Yes, I had a very busy weekend! They also have their own forum. Why? Don’t ask….

You asked, didn’t you? For two reasons. First, I was getting annoyed at WordPress for eating the whitespaces I wanted in, and forcing me to use their whitespaces between every paragraph just to get a bloody indent. Second, I found a WoW: Cataclysm theme for the SMF (Simple Machines Forum) that looked neat with a dragon decoration on it, so I set about changing it to a Dragon Age theme. (With the author’s permission.)

Since I have been writing on forums for… uh, forever, and THEY preserve my indents and two-spaces-after-a-period’s, I have decided to simultaneously publish Bannon & Zevran’s story on the forum and the blog. (Oh, and did I mention? WordPress has exactly… ONE medival/fantasy/bookish/parchment style theme. And it ain’t the one I’m using, anyway.) So you, the readers, can decide which way you like to read it best.

Dragon Age: Bannon & Zevran is here.

Oh, and yes, I started with two of the regular story posts and one Cutting Room Floor post. I told you I was busy! As for how busy I will stay…. I will try for one post per week. Or at least one every two weeks.


2 Responses to “A Boatload of Stuff”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    THEY KILLED QUENTIN! yep, now wordpress has exactly ZERO medieval/fantasy/bookish/parchment style theme. ::shakes fist at wordpress::

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