I spent this weekend making some illustrations for the Bannon & Zevran story. If you want illustrations, then I want two weeks to do a post! I’m not a screen-cap hog (like, ::cough cough:: some people), so more than half of them are done in the toolset cutscene editor. Although some are taken directly from the in-game cutscenes. Which aren’t all easy to work with, you know. A lot of them are full of nekkie men, with mapping tags to be replaced by elves and brides and such at runtime.

I made six images. Two are screen-capped by recording parts of the game with FRAPS, then Print-Screened from Windows Media Player. Which at least is faster and less messy than trying to use FRAPS screen-cap, since that won’t work when the video is paused.

Two were made by editing a Single Player cutscene — a lot. One was grabbed by moving the camera in a Single Player cutscene, and one was made by substituting models in the cutscene I edited, and then I tweaking them around.

Now, two of those illos are for the next part. But I still need to do a portrait of Cyrian and an Errant-Knight-Style tableau of the wedding. And the next part being due, um, tomorrow? See, not gonna happen. Unless I keep posting the text and then inserting images later. Or maybe I can work on it in the evenings (or even downstairs at my job…), and shoot for a Friday posting. (The actual writing for the next part is done, btw. And the part after that. Gotta keep banking posts so I don’t fall behind.)


Tip: to get Print-Screen to be able to see the video and stop capturing plain black, you need to go into the Options: Performance, and turn off video accelleration. I don’t know as yet if it will work with other playback apps.


Tip: to get the Single Player cutscenes (and everything else) accessible in your own module, go to Manage Modules: Hierarchy. Check the Single Player option.
Note that opening the SP resources will still result in them being read-only. Open a local copy if you want to edit. I checked out the one scene I wanted to edit and save as a new cutscene, but I’m not sure if that is necessary.

PS: I know the caption background frames are crooked on some of the illustrations in the post… I want to send those to WP support as a bug report. (But they’re out of town this week…!)


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