B&Z Update & Outtake


Okay, it only took me 3 hours to do the Wedding Tableau illustration. I cheated and did Cyrian’s wedding photo Sunday night. So I made my deadline for posting a new section this week. HAH! Oh, I forgot to add it to the B&Z page. That, and I need to edit all the B&Z posts for conformity.

Meanwhile, I also have an outtake from the illustration session. I call this “Bannon goes Van Damme on Vaughn.”

I don’t know why, but sometimes working on a cutscene, the figures will go all wonky. This happened when I changed Bridesmaid#1’s expression to a worried animation. ::shrug:: Normally, the figures go all weird and stretchy (there’s another outtake like that from the Headgames shoot… somewhere on the blog here), but this one actually wasn’t too bad. And Vaughn really does need to get nailed.


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