Work and Job and Stuff and Schedule


So far, I’m actually on schedule for publishing one post per week. So far, I’m still ahead of publishing in the writing and typing departments. I can see this ending, soon. :X

Firstly, I have decided that making illustrations takes up too much of my free time I could be using to work on actual cutscenes. On the other hand, on my ‘hobby’ list at work, I see “B&Z illos” listed. So, theoretically, I could do illustrations while I’m at my job, when I’m not doing my work. (Note: work and job are two different things. I just happen to do both at once. Don’t ask.) That is, I could do them, when I’m not doing other things, like…. oh, I might someday finish that Tailor Shop? And more tent interiors. And “Men in Drag.” (Really don’t ask.)

That’s in addition to my other passtimes, like jewelry-making, writing, personal projects on Second Life. Oh, and in addition to the work and jobs I’m supposed to be doing. (Looking for a writing job on oDesk. That’s difficult.) And, of course, my Second Life commercial projects.

Oh, and don’t forget actually writing the story! And updating my blog(s)… and… you get the idea.

On top of it all… (but wait, there’s more!) I am now addicted to horse racing online. So… I sorta need to spend a couple hours horse racing every day. But, I am getting better! I’m cooling down from that. Really.

And, if you recall, I said a while back I had a new weekly schedule that had two hours of writing worked into it. No? I don’t blame you. Well, I did, but that particular schedule is shot all to heck, and I haven’t made a new one.


So what’s the point? Uhm, look for a change in format soon, and a change in publishing schedule soon after that. I have also had a strange epiphany-sort-of-thing. I had been saying that years of RP in graphical venues had left my description and exposition writing a little withered. Well, a couple days ago I was working on Duncan & Bannon’s arrival at Ostagar, and now I’m starting to worry the opposite is true. I spent over 20 minutes trying to figure out how, exactly, Ostagar is set up.

Of course, what you see (and where you can go) in the game is a limited small slice of what “really” exists. There’s a whole army encamped there. The support and services (elves mostly). There’s kennels, stables, guard posts…. Anyway, I was trying to make Ostagar make sense with how I ‘sensed’ things being laid out. The first awkward hurdle is the bridge going from south to north to the encampment. Well, it looks/feels like it is going north to me! Although logic dictates it should be going north to south. And then on the far side of the main camp is the gate going into the Wilds. But I was sure that was the gate to the elven encampment. Or is that the gate near it, that goes to the army encampment? Not only that, but the darkspawn are attacking from the south, and they come towards the bridge from the side….

I figured it out, eventually, and worked that into the writing. But the point is… I probably could have gotten away with just leaving it with vague directions like the game. Just plunked Duncan and Bannon at the end of the bridge without saying how they got there. And mentioning the elven encampment without saying where it was. Or how the supply wagons get there.

I dunno, is it too much fluff? Too boring? I guess it’s only a couple short paragraphs, not a whole chapter or anything. Anyway, you guys don’t know, because that part isn’t published yet. But if you have an opinion when I post it, tell me.

Meanwhile, the Prelude chapter is almost over. There’s “The Road to Ostagar” part to publish in there. Then it’s on to the The Grey Wardens chapter, and that is where this exposition/description post will be. Two weeks from now, if I finish it. I’m not sure how much I want to put in that part, or where to cut the next part — ie: before or after meeting Alistair.

Oh yeah, and I should remember to add this new part to the main page…!


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