Bloodsong’s Dragon Age Blog Goes Mature


I was looking over the Bannon & Zevran story posts, and the gory slaying of a shirtless Vaughn illustration, and I thought… gee, that’s gory. So, for language, violence, gore, cussing, and adult situations, I reported my blog to be mature, and it was confirmed by WordPress today.

Actually, I’m not sure what all the repercussions of that are. The site is kinda vague. I did finally find out that they take you off the WordPress keyword category link thingies, and the Just Published, and the Blog Spotlight thing.

Honestly, I hardly think that makes an impact. Most of my hits are from off-site. The Just Published thing? Pfft. With a billion blog users and six million blogs, all posting, a recent post isn’t all that unique or long lasting. Oh, yeah, I think I’ll miss the one-in-fifty-thousand chance of someone interested in Dragon Age fanfic seeing the one pageload where one of my posts was listed on the recent list. If they bothered to look at that. And Spotlight? Pfft.

I did ask on the forums if anything else happens. On, for example, before you access a mature blog’s front page, it warns you that it is mature. I don’t think it booted off any of my subscribers for any reason.


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