Cutscene Work


Okay, yesterday I forgot to work on my cutscenes… I sorta did some horse racing, sailing around in UWO, and sleeping. This morning I didn’t feel like it, but I opened up the Shirtless cutscene. I got some good work done on it.

I was working without a storyboard… this is not such a good idea. It really helps me to keep track of the shots I need to make before I mess up the poses and cameras. Today I got done the first bit of business with Zevran handling the mug. I got him to reach for it. Okay, I didn’t get him to pick it up. I couldn’t even get him to close his hand in a fist on the handle. This is where creative camera cutting comes in. :X

Next, I think I have an idea of how to get him to turn while holding it (from the Joining ceremony). Getting him to set it down by Alistair’s elbow is going to take a lot of finessing.

Anyway, I was happy I made progress at least. This segment is about the middle third of the cutscene. Of course… I haven’t smoothed out all the animation glitches in the first third, nor put in the flickering candlelight. I gave up on the water FX. But the third segment will require VFX and the FaceFX.


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