Work Last Week and This Week


So, I meant to post this earlier this week, but I was busy with stuff. Last Saturday night, a tree fell on the cable line cable… so my connection was out all night, and it STILL wasn’t back the next morning. Oh! What to do!?!?! I couldn’t play Uncharted Waters Online, or my horse racing game. I might’ve played Assassin’s Creed II, but oh no — you need an internet connection for THAT, to authenticate yourself. And save your games.

So… I fired up the ol’ Toolset and was working on the “Shirtless” video. Which is good, all around. I got a few more sequences with Zevran finished. I’ve given up arranging the sequences in order; now I’m just doing whatever shot works for the cameras I have set up.

Also disconcerting was opening the cutscene, hitting the preview play button… and a few minutes later realizing, oops, the Natural Bodies All-In-One is turned on. :X !!! (What? I’m using that special glossy sheen they have on the skins; it’s perfect for this video.)

Well, Alistair still had underwear on. I turned on underwear for human males. But I’ll tell ya… that underwear does NOT leave anything to the imagination. Meanwhile, Zevran is in the buff… except for his boots. Well, I WAS doing the shirtless pants thing, and he was also wearing his boots.

I did try throwing the Underwear/Pants override back on. But of course it didn’t take — even after I hit F5 to refresh the cutscene. Then I went into the DA Installer thing? What do you call it? Of course, I can use it to turn on and off any and every expansion installed on DA. But does NBAIO have a simple off switch? Noooooo! It doesn’t even have options to use the default models/textures. I gotta uninstall it just to turn it off? Man.


This week is also the first week of November. For some of you, this is NaNoWriMo. But for me (and a couple of others on the Bioware Forum), it’s the Post-A-Week Challenge. I’ve posted a new section of Bannon & Zevran here (and on their forum). I’ll be posting a new section every Friday. Unless something goes hideously wrong. :X

::shifty eyes::

I haven’t caught up with all that over on, because… I still haven’t found out how to take my blog/forum posts and convert them to a file format that reads properly. :X (Not that I’ve had much time to try, either.)


What’s up for this weekend? Keep your fingers crossed. I might be motivated to work some more on the “Shirtless” video. I’ve also decided to go ahead with production on a music video called “Rage & Desire.” This is a relatively short and simple piece that takes place in the Fade. Yes, it stars Bannon & Zevran. I know all the animations I want don’t exist. So we’ll see what I come up with while hammering in the toolset.


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