Converting to FanFiction.Net Format


This is an updated note to myself on how I go from my SMF to WP to FFnet, using my EditPad search and replace.

SMF ==> WP

[b] ==> <strong>
[/b] ==> </strong>
[i] ==> <em>
[/i] ==> </em>
[hr] ==> <hr />

[center] ==> <center>
[/center] ==> </center>
(doesn't work in WP)

\n\n\n\n ==> \n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n

\n ==> \n\n

Content Label Area:
close up blank lines.
add &nbsp; between--
  title and content
  content and notes
make sure dashes fit under title

WP doesn't like plain center tags.
try div align="aligncenter" and /div.
(nope) bah.


WP ==> FFnet

\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n ==> \n<center>===#===</center>\n

\n ==> <p>\n

As of October 2012, you must add at the top of the file.
Save htm.
Submit document to FFN and Edit/Preview.
You can edit the document for as long as it 'lives' in your FFnet queue. (90 days.)

It won’t save the indenting, though. But it will save the italics. And hey, it isn’t all one long unbroken line. :X


Formatting for A Teaspoon and an Open Mind:

The biggest difference is, they use line breaks, not paragraphs. The P’s will cause double-spacing.

<p> ==> <br />

Copy and paste right from Editpad into the TOM story entry. There’s a separate box for the Author’s Notes. Use a leading break to drop down one line to start. You can leave out the BR’s up here.


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