Random Stuff and the Mysterious Origins of Bannon’s Name


This week, the weekly post got posted a day early. This was due to my Brain (my online brain, not the wet-ware one) cutting off this section at the end because it was too long. So I had to post it in Bannon & Zevran’s forum in two parts, and reconstruct the ending.

The next part is also over 7 hand-written pages! Gah. And it is due next week and not typed in yet. Plus there are segments in different places, and some segments that are just outlines about who is saying what. My RSI is aching from so much typing, I think. Today my eyes hurt from eyestrain. It’s tough getting old! Will I fail to keep next week’s deadline? Stay tuned! Okay, well, don’t hold your breath or nothing. It IS a whole week, after all!


Now for some totally useless trivia. I have no idea where Bannon’s name came from. He just… came with it. Maybe I was going to make it “Brandon,” but that was too pedestrian or not Thedasian enough. I don’t know. But here’s the triviality part….

The other night, I watched The Gumball Rally on Netflix. (Yes, I still have Netflix. It’s cheaper than Blockbuster online.) It’s an ancient 70s movie about a whacky cross-country road race. I remember seeing it as a kid. I coulda swore Burt Reynolds was in it, but apparently not. I didn’t remember anything out of the movie, except the scene where the two top rival guys are cruising at exactly 55 mph under the bridge where the cop guy is waiting to arrest them for speeding. That was a classic.

On to the point. The rich guy running the show and winning the races was named Bannon! Mr. Bannon, actually. Was that stuck somewhere in the dim recesses of my brain? (With my propensity for remembering names (ie: I suck at it), I doubt it very much.) The guy kinda looks like Bannon. Dark hair, not as long, but wavy. But he has blue eyes; Bannon’s are definitely brown. And Bannon is definitely slicker than the guy in the movie.

Apparently, Bannon isn’t too uncommon of a last name. But I promise, he isn’t named after anyone with that moniker. …That I know of. If my brain knows, it ain’t telling me.


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