Video Work


On top of all that (see previous news post), I’m in the Ridiculously Awesome Zevran thread (or whatever it is called), and they have weekly writing prompts. This week is “crossovers.” So, crud, now I want to do some scenes from the Torchwood crossover. ARGH!


In video news, I think I forgot to mention I’m working on a new video. Or I mentioned it somewhere. I can’t remember any more. The “Rage & Desire” video. It’s going well. I hope the fade area layout doesn’t come with level FX, because I created a new area with just the layout to use in the cutscene. That hopefully won’t get all wavy and loopy. There is a control to set “Play Area Effects” to FALSE, but I noticed it doesn’t actually do anything in the actul game. Because I tried turning off the dust FX in “It Takes a Thief.”

I’m having trouble converting my inner vision to actual camera movements. The timing seems rushed, whereas in my head it seems slower.

Oh, and I got a “serious error”! A serious error that tells me it is a serious error and to DON’T TOUCH NOTHIN’ until I look up the serious error on the wiki. The serious error doesn’t exist on the wiki, however. :X Oh, it’s some sort of invalid curve whenever I try to create keyframes at the end of an animation to get it to smoothly switch to the base animation, instead of having one frame of T pose. I think it is because I am trying to damp an animation that has GAD turned on, and it is flipping out because it is not only an animation but it is moving the character as well.

As for the dire warning of not saving the cutscene in that state of Serious Error… I saved it as a new cutscene. It didn’t seem to bother it. But just in case, I did copy the newer camera edits from the second version of the cutscene back into the first.

And, whenever I try to keyframe and damp the end of that animation, it flips out again. So. Don’t try to squiggle-edit an animation with GAD. Or, at least save before you do, k?


Oh, and I also now have the strangest urge to create a machinima series entitled Dragon Age: The Genetic Opera. :X ::cough::


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