Writing Work


Posting of B&Z chapters will continue apace, until I run out of writing. Which means there will be an update tomorrow (“The Broken Tower”) and next Friday (“The Death of the Grey Wardens”). Any further than that, who knows? The next section is a half-baked idea of travelling through the lovely and scenic Wilds.

Now in conjunction with the Ridiculously Awesome Zevran Thread, there will be teasers posted on my Bioware Blog (which may contain SPOILERS), and on the Fan Creation forum. Uh, which I planned to do last month, but haven’t gotten around to, yet.

And/or other craziness inspired by the RAZT, including crossovers, artwork. The latest off the wall brain buzz: Zevran fanfic characters crossing over with a crossover with Saw. :X


Also, another Valorien piece will go up today or tomorrow.


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