Brain Kidnaps Author


This week has been entirely weird. I have been depressed and agitated at the same time. I have also been unable to control my brain. My brain has been working on a Zevran-based fan-fic crossover with the Saw movies, and some more Torchwood scenes. The latter because I have been re-watching the Torchwood episodes on Monday nights, and after episode three, Zevran was begging me to write the scene where Jack teaches him about gunz.

::thunks head on desk::

This Friday’s post is ready to go. Next week’s post is…. ugh. It covers a time between the end of Ostagar and arriving at Lothering. You know, the part the game fast-forwards through. Yeah, starting to look like a good idea, that. No, actually… there’s some bits of business to attend to. Alistair’s depression. Bannon’s nightmares. And Morrigan whipping them into shape. And the beard that ate Lothering.

I hammered some writing out on that last week. And junked most of it. Then re-wrote some bits. And it’s only halfway done, by now. I’m not happy with it.

And then… I have to deal with Lothering. No, I haven’t written anything for it, nor figured anything out for it (oops, no, there’s the outline for the conversation with Sten). So I need to work on all that. After I get out of the Wilds. Remember I mentioned the possibility of my write-ahead queue dwindling? Yeah, well, it is. :/


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