Holiday Wishes


A funny thing happened on the way to… um, actually, I was trying to see what Zevran’s bracers looked like. So I loaded up “It Takes a Thief” on yootoob. I was fast-forwarding and pausing through it. Then I noticed this little snowflake icon on the bottom. Hmm. You know, WordPress has holiday snow. (Yes, it will be gone Jan 1, for those of whom it annoys.)

Yootoob’s snow is much better. :X Anyway, it started snowing and piling up, and I thought I’d take a screen cap of poor Zevran getting snowed on. Mr. I’m-from-a-desert-country. It happened to be freeze(npi)-framed on the shot of Bannon trying to open the second chest.

Then it hit me! I could…. SERIOUSLY decorate up the sucker over in MSN’s Tech The Halls. (Yeah, well, I’m supposed to get lots of horsie points for going to that site.) After crashing the blasted thing three times (and Photoshop once!)…. well, it crashed again before I could preview/save it, but I DID finally get the blasted screencap!

The boys wish you all a happy holiday! Though I think Zevran got coal again. Um… and Zevran wishes you to hang lots of mistletoe… and Bannon hopes you get lots of really COOL expensive presents!



….wait… Bannon, you are opening YOUR present aren’t you?? Whose is that!?!


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