I have come to a Decision! No, not that. Concerning the plot outline of the Bannon & Zevran story. I can’t remember how the original game went, in what order. Plus, some DLC’s hadn’t come out (or I hadn’t gotten them yet) while I was playing, so some of those got stuck in wherever. And when I tried to piece together the plot points on the map… some of them didn’t fit. Like Shale is written in when Bannon pays a little visit back to Flemeth. But Honnleath ain’t on the way down by Ostagar/the Wilds. And why would they go out of their way to track down some crazy merchant’s rumor?

Plus there’s the timing on the segments. Partners in Crime is supposed to last about 3 months, and end after the Sacred Ashes arc is complete. Of course, most of the heart of the story happens after that, but can it compress into a visit to Orzammar and then the endgame? That’s pretty short. Unless they spend a LONG time on the road up there!

Anyway, I managed to sort every plot point where I wanted it, and in a logical route through the map (you know, no zigzagging from Orzammar to the Brecillian Forest and Soldier’s Peak to Ostagar). Except one little thing. So. I have decided to MOVE Honnleath to south of RedCliffe. Or maybe just change the name and location of wherever Shale is. If I do that one little thing, everything else will fall into place. Trust me.


In addition to this decision, I have come to a Conclusion! While examining the balance between Camp Time and Quest Time and Major Plot Point Time… I have concluded that this story is “character-driven.” Um, okay, maybe that was obvious, but what I mean is…. There are going to be parts between the action parts, where really nothing important happens. Just everybody talks together. Interacts. No action-packed “Die Hard” stuff. I mean, in those parts. Of course there’ll be action-adventure sequences. In other parts.

I really figured this out today, working on the Wilderness part. You know when you leave Flemeth’s hut after Ostagar and sorta fast-forward to Lothering? Yeahhh…. I’m going on 11 pages of writing for stuff in there. And not done yet. ::hears an ARGH from somewhere in the vicinity of Australia:: Actually, there now look to be two segments between the hut and Lothering. And I still think the Wilderness will be divided into sub-sections.


In non-writing news, I’m working again on making a Zevran Poser figure. I have started thinking… a lot of fan-art drawings, cartoons, caricatures and such, aren’t 100% spot-on identical to how Zevran looks. So I will suppress my natural urge to be perfect and just get a ‘reasonable facsimile’ that’s nice to look at. It didn’t go well last week.

I thought I would start with Bishonen for Michael 3. Those are pretty elven-looking. I picked a nice ‘evil’ one, and started tinkering. And I created a modification of the Zhao skin with Zevran’s tattoo. Annnnd… it totally didn’t work. It just didn’t say ‘Zevran.’ Ya know? It looked very oriental. ::sigh::

In GOOD news (prepare to faint!)…. I followed these instructions for extracting an OBJ file from Gmax, and I got Zevran’s armor out, with UV-mapping intact! Okay, with my luck the past year and a half, it would have turned into a lump of slag with no UV-mapping whatsoever. All it needs is a trip to modo to smooth it down, and remove the skin parts. And then to fit it to the Poser figure, make it conforming, etc etc etc. Shouldn’t be too hard. :X

::hears my destiny going BWAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!::


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