Poser Zevran Work


So… not content with doing screencaps out of the toolset (with the ‘real’ Zevran); I have decided to take the plunge and try to put together a Poser Zevran. Naturally, this won’t be easy, what with the Universe’s Cosmic Rule that Bloodsong’s Life just Can Not Work Right.

I started with Michael 2 from DAZ, and the Capsces Boris head morphs. YES, I’m just that old, and I KNOW Michael is up to version 4. But 2 is the only one with the Boris head morphs, you see. I’m talking a huge portfolio of morphs that morph and sculpt every part of the head. Plus I have a bronze variation of the Shades of Michael project. That’d be the skin. Texture. Ya know?

I wasn’t realy happy with the end results. So then I thought, “Hey… Zhao looks a lot like Zevran. Kinda.” (Well, my beardless bishonen one does :X ) Zhao is a Michael 3 character. Yes, I have #3. See above about the Boris morphs, though.

Then I thought, “A lot of fan-art folks do cartoons and sketches of Zevran, and they do stylized looks. Not exact, photographically-matching drawings. I can do, say, a Bishonen Zevran.” I have Bishonen for M2 AND M3. Hah! So I picked an “evil” Bishonen and started messing with the look. Annnnnnd failed. You’d think Bishonen look elven, but he just looked oriental. :/ And my golden version of Zhao’s skin didn’t work right, either.

So THEN I started looking for my M3 head morphs. For some reason… they ain’t there! Fortunately, I found the M3 Morph Pack original file on my backup CDs. Poser Backup CD #7, btw. NOW we are talking. We’re not talking Boris for M2, but we’re talking.

After getting it pretty close with the M3 morphs, I cleverly thought I would sculpt it further with Sculptris. Sculptris is Godly, but OMG I so wish it were a full-fledged 3D app. It won’t keep obj uvmapping, it keeps trying to triangulate everymotherlovinthing, and it exported my blasted morph WRONG.

Look familiar? Ish? Maybe? I have yet to rake back his ears, slope his forehead, and change his eye depth, but those can better be done in Poser. Oh, and I have to fix his upper lip. But his nose, mouth, lower lip, and cheeks are looking very close, I think.

This lovely morph totally explodes when applied in Poser. And you can’t re-order the vertices properly with UVMapper Pro, because — ha-ha — the triangulation has caused the facet structure to be ‘incompatible.’ After a nice nap though, I thought, “HEY! Maybe this is like Amorphium, where it reverses the vertex order when it exports. All I have to do is import the exported OBJ and re-export it to re-reverse them!” Hah!

This results in an OBJ with “wrong number of vertices”!!!!!!! WTF!?!?!? ::bangs head on desk::


And NO, don’t tell me to buy Z-brush, cuz it’s the same but full-featured! It AIN’T the same. I’ve had Z-brush for YEARS. I could never get that sucker to work for me. So I figure, okay, maybe by now, it’s more like Sculptris, so I tried the demo. HELL NO. That sucker is NOT the same, it does NOT WORK FOR ME. Sculptris… Sculptris is the sculpting app I would create if I were a programmer. It is THAT intuitive and perfect for me. For sculpting. It just falls down on the rest of the job. :/

And NO, modo doesn’t do the same thing in its sculpting mode. Not EVEN close. ::sigh::


In good news, however… I followed this tutorial to export an OBJ file from Gmax. It’s a partial kludge, but — miracle of miracles — I got Zevran’s armor out of the DA Toolset with UVmapping and textures intact! It needs some massaging in modo, but I will be able to turn it into conforming clothing for Poser Zevran. If he ever gets finished. ::sigh::


Will I be able to package and distribute a Poser Zevran file? …Probably not. Definitely not the skin, because that is proprietary Zhao, and I had to erase Zhao’s eyebrows (and stubble, euw). Of course, I could always release the tattoo layer(s) for an M3 skin, and folks could cobble from that whatever they have. Or I could see about using a merchant resource base skin…. nah.


2 Responses to “Poser Zevran Work”

  1. Maz (@tryynity) Says:

    Hi, Bloodsong, its the same Tryynity from BSN.

    I like your morph face
    – I would make his forehead a little more squared at the top. Some angles Zev’s forehead is too large, so dont increase the height.
    – Thinner eyebrows & nose too around the tip
    – Chin is a little more triangular but only slightly
    If you were to draw his face in shapes I would have a square at the top and an inverted equal sided triangle below. Just slightly round out the edges.

    But its pretty damn close – add the beautiful eyes and hair and your Zevran might even be better than Bioware’s.

    • bloodsong Says:

      that morph had to be trashed…. stupid sculptris. :(

      but you are my go-to expert for finalizing the final zevran morph. i want your stamp of approval on his butt! um… figuratively speaking. :X

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