What ARE You Looking For?


So I like to look at my stats on the WordPress dashboard… makes me feel admired or something. About the funniest part of the dashboard is the Top Search Results that bring me hits. I have to admit being embarassed by some, because I didn’t mean to be hit with them. This week’s list…

hawk tattoo tribal (maybe i shouldn’t have written that’s how i found one for zevran)
high cheekbones blonde woman (close, but no woman! sorry ’bout that.)
dragon age cutscene capture tutorial
uhm for the dragon age toolset (because apparently, the previous one wasn’t specific enough. lol! i finished it! look here.)
gumball rally on netflix (now who on earth searches for this???)


In actual news… that little part in the game where you fastfoward from Flemeth’s hut to Lothering? That’s… now taking up four segments of the story. Apologies to Zevran fans (and Zevran) for delaying his appearance in the writing. But SOON! Um… but he’s going to be after RedCliffe. Not Zevran ASAP. Sorry. It will make more sense that way, really.

The good news is, those writing ideas are flowing, and there won’t be any delays waiting for them. I wonder if I can get so lucky with Lothering.


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