Bannon Poser Test 1


Since he’s not an internationally-known star (::coughcough::), I think I can get away with a generalized Bannon-ish look. He’s still a tad off, though.


His eyes need to be darker, I think. And I think his skin needs a tiny touch of roughening up. At least from what I’m used to doing in closeups in cutscenes. I have to get his mole, too. I’m definitely used to that. I have to find him eyebrows somewhere. And fix the lip colour somehow.

I didn’t use a direct reference for his face/head. So I’m not sure what little bits are off, there. If you see anything, tell me. There’s blasted comments on these suckers…. Anyway, I think I fixed his eyes and cheeks to stop looking oriental and look more elven.

I’ll hate it in the morning.


2 Responses to “Bannon Poser Test 1”

  1. Maz (@tryynity) Says:

    I like this Bannon Face – take eyebrows – skin colour from #2 and put on this one.

  2. bloodsong Says:


    omg, THAT face is gone…. long gone…. :X

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