Bannon Poser Test 3


Or whatever title I’ve been calling these…. Okay, trying to sculpt in modo is a dog. A DOG, compared to Sculptris. Modo can’t even do symmetry to save its life. And believe me, every time I turn on its symmetry, I threaten to kill it if it screws up!

But the other day, while I was wondering if turning on Symmetry in Sculptris was causing the mesh triangulation and vertex re-ordering, part of my back brain lit up with the realization-memory that there’s a nifty little utility that mirrors morph targets. Mm hm. So even if I can only sculpt one side of the face in Sculptris (or, ::sigh::, modo), I can get the other side from that. HAH!

Except I didn’t have it on this machine, I had to go get it from my old one. And then it wouldn’t load the M3 head. Too many vertices! But thank Google I was reading some ancient MT Mirror tutorial that mentioned getting version 2.2, which *does* handle a greater number of vertices. The problem? The old site no longer exists. Searching for MT Mirror wasn’t coughing up any new sites. But I finally found the creator’s name — Masasi (not Massai) — and punched that in and… voila! Masasi’s Poser++ Site, where you can get MT Mirror 2.2!!!

Right, so the new head…


I think his ‘girlyness’ problem is his face is too soft. I though I had fixed that to some extent with the work in modo. I got the top of his nose flatter. The nose is the part that didn’t come out symmetrical, so mirroring it made the little bump/wide part a bit ugly. It also made the nose far too thin, but I ‘fixed’ that up with some of the Poser morphs. The interesting thing is, his lips look less girly, but I haven’t changed the colour/saturation on them. Well, I did thin the lower lip out somewhat. (And I swear there should be a MouthCornerUp/Down morph, but it ain’t there.)

I lengthened his face. Though now it might be too long. I got the cheek bones looking closer to the mrh file… or so they looked in modo. Now they seem to be a bit too much. And I dunno as I’m too happy with how the side of the nose is, now. GAH.

Not sure if this is a good idea, but here’s Bannon’s mrh mugshots. Today I worked with the Toolset open so I could reference directly to his head. The problem with following that too closely is he’ll never come out exact. And, like I mentioned before, I don’t want him exactly exact. But… maybe looking closely related?

He should look like this, but cuter. :X


2 Responses to “Bannon Poser Test 3”

  1. Maz (@tryynity) Says:

    The bottom 3 are better – the top one…. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!?!?! Are you trying to get Zev to leave him?… Is that it?? haha
    – Push cheekbones lower slightly & wider
    – Open his eyes, drop the outside edges
    – Nosejob – he looks like an aussie footballer FYI – been hit with a FUGLY stick LOL
    Hair is lovely & skin is fine, lips are ok I guess (perhaps straighter & fuller), jaw is fine too I think,

    The eyes for me & their frames (cheekbones, brow, eyebrows) are the most important :)

  2. bloodsong Says:

    the bottom three are his actual head in the toolset. :P you can’t seriously like his in-game head that much…? okay, well, compared to the mess i made of it… i think you’re RIGHT!
    hey… zevran *said* “he should not be cuter than me.” its HIS fault if he comes out with an ugly goon!

    i started over from scratch, i think i have something better. still…. off, though. i don’t know why. his eyes are wiggy.

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