Poser Bannon 2


Okay, yes yes yes… WAY too girly in this one. I’m working on it, okay? Stop crying, Bannon.

I think his skin tone is much better. I got the mole in there. I think this lip colour is better, if too strong. I also killed the garish highlight on it. Trust me, it looks better than before. I made his eyes deep brown. These eyes are from a figure named Valen, not the Bishonen or Zhao textures. The skin texture is a blend between Valen and Zhao.

I put the geometry eyebrows back on and used a trans map. I *think* they only look horrid now because I’m not rendering in seriously high rez. Maybe? :X And I gotta fix his eyelashes, too.

I also tinkered with his face. I opened his mrh file in the toolset simultaneously with Poser so I could get an idea what I’m shooting for. His face is REALLY long. But for the record, the toolset Bannon doesn’t look like what I want him to look like. The toolset one is too bony. This one’s not quite there yet.


One Response to “Poser Bannon 2”

  1. Maz (@tryynity) Says:

    I like everything about this except – yea – the girly look. I think its the eyes that do it – maybe too much cheeks – IDK I can never tell what is actually wrong when I look at pics – I just fiddle until it looks right to me.

    I would fiddle more with this definately, the picture in my head is way more manly – but elfin innocence which aids his charisma (especially with the ladies ;) )

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