Writing Work and Stuff


The post due this week (Fugitives) is ready. And, I think, rather short. The post due next week (The Road to Hell) is nearly done. After that, they’re in Lothering, and I have no idea what happens. I should play the game this weekend, methinks. :X

Oh, I wanted to work on the first part of the Saw cross-cross-over. I did start typing it in and editing, but that went slowly. Still, it is SOME progress.


In the 3D arena… the thought occurs that as I work on Bannon’s face, I might just be making him uglier. :X Perhaps I should start from scratch again. Go back to basics. In my analysis of Bannon’s face, these characteristics are evident:
1: according to the author, he has ‘classic elven foxen’ features. which is a pointed chin and heart-shaped face.
2: he has a long, narrow face, compared to zevran.
3: in the toolset version, he has strong cheekbones, and a long, slightly arched nose.
4: according to zevran, he should “not be cuter than me”
— wait, what??!? where did that come from? —
5: he also has large, deep, and downright ‘girly’ eyes. and gorgeous eyelashes.

I don’t know. I have this expectation that it ought to jump out at me and say “Hey, I’m Bannon!” when I get it right. ::sigh::

I wonder what would happen… if I took his mug shots into the Poser 6 Face Room…. Hmm.


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