Poser Bannon 4


Okay, I scrapped Bannon’s face and started from scratch. Not from Bishonen. I followed my 4-point plan… long triangluar face, strong cheekbones, big girly eyes, arched nose. I did two magnet morphs, one for a longer face and one to make the bottom of the nose broader. And I haven’t done his ears yet. And there are no morphs to make his mouth line straight. Well, it is kinda annoying. meh.


Something is still off about his eyes. They don’t grab me.


Okay, I swear, this side of the hair is more girly than the rest of it. That must be it. I don’t know why….


I got to quit tinkering with it, or else I’ll start to go way out into left field again.


One Response to “Poser Bannon 4”

  1. whuffie Says:

    That is so INTERESTING that you can do that, though. I like it.

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