Poser Bannon


The graphics gods have smiled on me today!! It’s a miracle! I can’t explain it any other way. Even modo behaved itself and I got the morphs I wanted sculpted. Symmetrically, too! I checked the symmetricizer tool… it seems to think his nose and part of his chin is asymmetrical. Well, I didn’t mess with the nose this time, just the cheeks and mouth and temples.

At any rate, I’m happy with it, and I’m bloody well DONE! Yes, yes, yes, I fixed his hidous nose. That’s the FIRST thing I did. Slapped a Bishonen nose slope morph on it. Did it a world of good.

In modo, I sharpened up the cheekbones. I also put a rather huge divot in the temples to get the 3/4 view of the eyes to look right. Oh, I fixed the curved mouth corners! And I smoothed out the dimple where the other morphs for his face were making it kinda squished and lumpy. I also made the front of the chin rounded, because it’s so adamantly flat all the time.

In Poser, I used some magnets to move the cheekbones out. I then used some settings from the Bishonen presets for his ears. And ear magnets to adjust those. I might have to fiddle with those, they stick out through his hair a tad. This might be a problem in some instances of post-production.


Now, here’s the outfit I got for him: Wildenlander. Yeah, it’s not the model I swiped from Dragon Age. So sue me. Plus I made my friend get me a gift certificate to DAZ for Christmas. :X


Oh, actually, before I even started working on Poser this morning, I figured out how I want his back tattoo to go. So I have a final design for that, although PhotoShop is driving me SANE by not letting me do all the pen paths one one shape layer. Not to mention, it is not letting me cut out part of a shape. I didn’t have this much trouble cutting out when it was a blasted work path! If I had the faintest idea how I managed to get the work path to save as a custom shape… Oh wait! Maybe I just need the path selection tool to select it….

Anyway, I need to fix a few things on Bannon’s texture (mainly the fact that his nipples are orange…!!!), then I can work on some pin-ups with him. And try his other hair-do I bought him. Getting it to match the colour of this Mon Chevalier hair will be a trick.


Now to tackle the daunting task of getting Zevran’s head right.


One Response to “Poser Bannon”

  1. Maz (@tryynity) Says:

    Bannon’s new armour is spiffy :)

    This is the best face all rough so far compared to the others, at least.

    The thing is you have the picture in your head what is right – I have a picture in my head about how I want him to look (but he is not mine) – the important thing is : you are happy!

    I cant wait to play around with morphs – character creation is my fav thing EVAH!

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