This has not been a good week. I’m not really done writing this week’s post (although I can cheat and stop where I am). Next week’s post — not even started. I know I keep threatning doom and gloom and failure to make the post deadline. But this time, I’m serious!

My writing gas tank seems to be empty. There are a couple of factors that could be contributing to it…. I haven’t been able to wake up at my usual time. Of course, the clock change is going to come up in spring anyway, so I suppose getting up later will work out eventually. I haven’t been sleeping too well, either. Which of course adds onto me being tired when it’s time to wake up.

Then after I get up, my brain hasn’t been focussed on the scene at hand. In fact… the one morning I was working out a bizarre science fiction alien culture with two dominant species who are also predator and prey. But that’s fodder for another blog.

It could also be the amount of visual creativity I’ve been working on. Working on the characters and such in Poser, working out Bannon’s tattoo…. I won’t mention the Jack Harkness head I lost to a crash after just finishing it… :X (Too late.) It could be I just don’t have enough creative energy to write and do art at the same time. That’s… never really happened before, but neither has my creative energy been so difficult to access as it has in the past few years.

Last, but not least… it could be that Lothering is just plain boring! Come to think of it, the Wilds were pretty boring, too. Right now, I’m looking into how much summarizing exposition I can do in Lothering. So we’ll see how long all of that takes. Then it will be on to Redcliffe. Which I also have very little idea of any good stuff going on there. Oh yes, must concentrate on playing the actual game this weekend!


PS: I contacted DAZ about the discontinued hair I needed for Poser Zevran, and they gave it to me! Su-WEET!


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