Funny Captions


This is only here because of the RAZT prompt by Tryynity, and Bioware doesn’t let me upload images. And WordPress does let me hotlink them. Go figure.

#1: Dancing Lessons

(PS: this isn’t my screen cap. It’s a friend of a friends’.)

Zevran: And now, we dance!

Sten: No.

Zevran: Come come, now. It is not a Table Dance until you dance! Why are you up there?

Sten: I was promised cookies.

Zevran: If you dance, someone might put coins down your pants. Then you can purchase cookies. No?

Sten: No.

Shale: I feel ridiculous.

Zevran: Very well, let us move on to the “Lap Dance.” Now whe– …. Um, on second thought, either one of you would probably crush anyone foolish enough to ask you for one. Never mind.

Shale: Oh no, this part sounds good! I like squishing people!


#2: Twister


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