No Entry This Week



Yes, I dropped the ball. I have three segments of the Lothering bit written out, but not typed in nor edited. I’ve played through some of the parts of Lothering to refill the brain on what goes on there. But it’s not coming together very well. Perhaps more skippage is in order.

I did die laughing the other night (don’t worry, I was revived :X ). I saw an option to ask Morrigan how to get on her “non-existant” good side. Not that Bannon hadn’t already figured that out. But what the heck, I gave it a try. Bannon gives her a compliment. He gets a whole +3 out of it and manages to get back to 0 on her meter.

The next thing I know, Alistair is pestering Morrigan for taking away his playmate! “Mr. Kissy-Face”!?!??! LMAO! One, ONE little compliment to get to zero neutrality with Morrigan, and Bannon is Mr. Kissy-Face? Not to mention how the conversation goes far, FAR south after that and Morrigan is talking about… erm… well, let’s just say you can’t blame me for thinking the Chastity Belt was for her! I mean, come on! And her and Sten? She needs a leash!

ALSO! I blame the RAZT. And TklIvory, especially, for this week’s prompt. Which I spent all day (well, it was a half day) yesterday writing. Which doesn’t take place til the end of Book III.

If you are really desperate for some B&Z action (yeah, right, my… like THREE whole fans?), there are some Spoiler/Cliffhanger Teasers published this week on my Bioware Blog.


As for what else I’ve been doing besides working diligently on my writing…. I’ve started playing a new MMO called Mabinogi. I haven’t been working on Zevran’s Poser head. :X I *have* been working on a new model for Poser (possibly Poser/Second Life), but very slowly. Oh, and uploading some more old stuff to deviantArt. Why that seems to take so long, I don’t know.


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