Writing & Working


Okay, I believe the publishing schedule will now return to every other Friday, until I catch up with a write-ahead buffer. The last post (Lothering Night) didn’t have any fallow time for me to come back and re-read and polish it up better. I did re-read it after typing to get rid of the typos and any other horrid bits. But I don’t think it came out as well as it could have.


In art news, I have been doing rather well customizing Zevran’s features in modo. Except… when I get it back into Poser, his nose is seriously FUBAR. And then, all the lovely morphs I did today (RE-did, because I had tried to do them all in one sculpting swoop) were screwed up. Oh wait… I know how to fix them… Well, not today. I’ve had enough of THAT.

I also finished Bannon’s lower back tattoo shape. I just have to flash his tattoos onto his skin. Come to think of it, I could also work on putting Zevran’s tribal tattoos onto his skin, too. But I haven’t done the back yet.

Not today. I’m on break!


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